Saturday, January 24, 2015

Star Wars Workbooks

Star Wars Workbooks
Preschool/early elementary. Price $8.95
Workman Publishing

Star Wars Workbooks are workbooks designed especially for preschool and early elementary students featuring the popular Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Workbooks introduce young students to number recognition, reading and writing skills and more. Designed so students can write directly into the workbook. Includes colorful pictures and engaging text, so students interest is piqued.

In addition to introducing preschoolers to numbers, letters, and shapes, Star Wars Workbooks will also grow with the child, as they enter kindergarten, first grade, and then second grade.

Star Wars Workbooks teach students how to write letters and numbers, how to identify them, how to read sentences or words and figure out what is missing. It also teaches the necessary skills for future reading and math, such as identifying shapes, colors, and patterns.

The books in the Star Wars Workbooks series that I was sent to review were: Preschool Number Fun, Preschool ABC Fun, Kindergarten Math Skills, First Grade Reading, First Grade Writing Skills, and Second Grade Reading. My daughter called these her “fun” pages. She enjoyed interacting with the Star Wars characters as she worked with numbers, letters, and words. My only complaint about the series is that if you don’t know the characters well enough (as I didn't) it is difficult to identify who they are to match them up with the letter they start with. My Star Wars fan son had to help with that section.

If you or someone you know prepares to start school, or needs additional help with beginning reading and math skills then Star Wars Workbooks would be a good series to consider. Recommended for homeschool, public schools, preschools, and tutors. 

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