Friday, January 2, 2015

Rules of the Game for Life, College and High School

Rules of the Game for Life, College, High School
High School and up. 
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Rules of the Game for Life, College, High School is a paperback book that will teach students and adults about the written—and unwritten—rules of life.

Every society, cliche, group, has their own special rules. To succeed in your chosen area, or get into the college or sorority of your choice, or to move ahead in your career you have to know and obey the rules—the written and unwritten ones.

Many of us know the rules but deliberately break them. Author Harvey J. Coleman shares of a time when he worked for a corporation and he wore a blue shirt instead of white. He chose to disobey the rules and ended up getting talked to by his boss who was willing to mentor him. That was a rule there. White shirt and tie. He also told of a time his daughter wanted to be a cheerleader, but she didn’t want to obey the rules to be on the squad. They were too hard, too time consuming. Everything in life is about rules. Rules to graduate from high school. Rules to get into the college of your choice. Rules to move ahead and succeed in your career.

In Rules of the Game for Life, College, High School Harvey J. Coleman discusses topics such as:

Ø      The Rules of the Game Unveiled: Why do they exist?
Ø      The Steps Necessary to Successfully Negotiate the Moves from High School to College to Career
Ø      Explanation of the Seven Levels of Life’s Pyramid
Ø      How do you Advance on the Life Pyramid
Ø      Understanding Your Environment and Its Requirements
Ø      Personal Brand: The power of image and exposure
Ø      Proper Management of Facebook, Tweeting, and Other Communication Channels
Ø      How to manage the Most Important Make or Break Factor: People
Ø      The Skills Needed to Becoming a Successful Game-Player
Ø      Understanding the Power of Choices and Personal Change
Ø      Why Do Winners Win
And more

Rules of the Game for Life, College, High School is an invaluable guide to life that wise students will take the time to read, study, and follow. You will not get ahead in life, or succeed in your goals without them. Written in a communicative level, it is friendly and easy to understand. Highly recommended. 

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