Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Journey of Eleven Moons

Author: Bonnie Leon
Publisher: Ashberry Lane
November 2013
ISBN:  978-0989396745
Genre: Historical

A successful walrus hunt means Anna and her beloved Kinauquak will soon be joined in marriage. But before they can seal their promise to one another, a tsunami wipes their village from the rugged shore ... everyone except Anna and her little sister, Iya, who are left alone to face the Alaskan wilderness. A stranger, a Civil War veteran with golden hair and blue eyes, wanders the untamed Aleutian Islands. He offers help, but can Anna trust him or his God? And if she doesn't, how will she and Iya survive?

I absolutely love Ms. Leon’s Alaskan books and JOURNEY OF ELEVEN MOONS was no different. From the moment I read the first chapter until I reached the end several hours later, JOURNEY OF ELEVEN MOONS held my attention and my interest.

Anna was a strong heroine, greatly suited for the life she’d been given. But even though she was strong, she was not trained for the jobs of men. She knew nothing of fishing or killing animals for food. That was the men’s job.

Erik was an adventurer. With no family, he heard about the wonders of Alaska and set off to explore. He never expected to find two lone survivors of a tsunami, two who would surely die without his help. Even though he didn’t really want to get involved he felt God wanted him to. And so he did, taking the steps necessary to win Anna and Iya’s trust.

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this historical romance. I shivered as the blizzard winds howled and felt for these characters. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read Ms. Leon’s future books.

Available in ebook and paperback. 314 pages.

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