Monday, January 19, 2015

Huckleberry Spring

Author: Jennifer Beckstrand
Publisher: Zebra
January 2015
ISBN:    978-1420136494
Genre: Amish romance

Nothing gives Anna and Felty Helmuth greater satisfaction than seeing their grandchildren happily married--except for planning their next matchmaking venture. And as springtime comes to Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin, the air is filled with promise. . .

Ever since the Helmuths' grandson, Ben, abruptly broke his engagement and moved to Florida, Emma Nelson has kept busy tending her vegetable garden and raising award-winning pumpkins. She can put her heartache aside to help Ben's Mammi with her own pumpkin patch. At least until Ben shows up to lend support to his ailing Dawdi. . .

Gardening side by side with pretty, nurturing Emma is a sweet kind of torture for Ben. She could have her pick of suitors who can offer what he can't, and he cares too much to burden her with his secret. Leaving once more is the only option. Yet Emma's courage is daring him to accept the grace that flourishes here, and the love that has been calling him back to Huckleberry Hill. . .

HUCKLEBERRY SPRING is the fourth book in the Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series. I haven’t had the privilege of reading the other books, but its okay as this one easily stood alone.

I have to admit that I love Ms. Beckstrand’s voice. Her sense of humor is top-notch and shines through her writing. The events in Emma’s life were way over-the-top, but while not exactly believable at times, it was an enjoyable read for the most part.  The characters were very immature for most of the book, Emma spending a lot of it in tears, but when she needed to be strong the most, she was.  Both Ben and Emma were super kind, going out of their way to serve others.  Ben especially wanted to take care of Emma—keeping a guard-like eye on her—but yet he left her for a year without any protection so it seemed odd that when he was home he didn’t trust her to be careful. The faith message was weak, but again, the humor and the romance were great. I’m giving it four stars.

Available in ebook and paperback as well as large print. 352 pages.

Jennifer Beckstrand Bio:

I grew up with a steady diet of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen. After all that literary immersion, I naturally decided to get a degree in mathematics, which came in handy when one of my six children needed help with homework. After my fourth daughter was born, I started writing. By juggling diaper changes, soccer games, music lessons, laundry, and two more children, I finished my first manuscript—a Western—in just under fourteen years.

I have always been fascinated by the Amish way of life and now write
Inspirational Amish Romance. I am drawn to the strong faith of the Plain people and admire the importance they put on enduring family ties. I have visited and studied Amish communities in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where I met with a bishop and a minister as well as several Amish mamms, dats, and children. It has always impressed me at what salt-of-the-earth people they are. My interactions with these kind people have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have a dear Amish friend with whom I correspond in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She helps me keep my facts straight and gives me inspiration for my stories.

My goal is to write uplifting, inspiring stories with happy endings and hopeful messages. If my books make readers want to give themselves a big hug or jump up and down for joy, I’ve done my job. I am a member of Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers and am represented by Mary Sue Seymour of The Seymour Agency.

There are three Amish romances in the Forever After in Apple Lake Series

(Summerside/Guideposts). Kate’s Song, Rebecca’s Rose, and Miriam’s Quilt are all now available.

I have six Amish Roamish buggymances in the works with Kensington Books. The first and second books, Huckleberry Hill and Huckleberry Summer, are now available in stores and online. The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill is set in northern Wisconsin Amish country.

The series, The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill, is about an elderly Amish couple who try to find suitable mates for their grandchildren. What could be more fun than throwing two young people together to see if sparks ignite? No one would ever suspect two octogenarian Amish folks of mischief.Romantic Times gave Huckleberry Hill 4 1/2 stars and chose Huckleberry Summer as a TOP PICK.

I have four daughters, two sons, three sons-in-law, and two adorable grandsons. I live in the foothills of the Wasatch Front with my husband and one son still left at







Unknown said...

Sounds like a nice read, something that I would enjoy.

Deb said...

Have read the other 3 and enjoyed each one so much. Can't wait to read Huckleberry Spring.

Nicki Olsen said...

Sounds amazing!! I read Huckleberry Christmas I think it was and it was sooo funny! Can't wait to read this one!


P.s. I have a giveaway on my blog!

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