Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Finds You in Branson, Missouri

Author: Gwen Ford Faulkenberry
Publisher: Summerside Press
August 2011
ISBN: 978-1609361914
Genre: Contemporary romance

Ellie Heinrichs dreams becoming a famous Broadway actress. Instead, Ellie is cast as a rural heroine in Branson’s outdoor drama, The Shepherd of the Hills. In a grudging attempt to get in touch with her character, Ellie translates her great-grandmother’s diary and is soon swept up in a tale of love and loss, wisdom and faith.

As Ellie grows close to Will Howard, her director and a descendant of the original shepherd of the hills, she finds her grandmother’s experiences merging with her own. And when the past offers a chance to repeat itself, Ellie must decide whether to
pursue her dream at all costs…or allow love to flourish in the beautiful Ozark hills

I have enjoyed most of the Love Finds You series, and was sad when they decided to discontinue them. When I found LOVE FINDS YOU IN BRANSON, MISSOURI someone was getting rid of, I was happy to take it off their hands so I could read it. I have been to Branson – went to college at School of the Ozarks and have been to the Shepherd of the Hills productions. This book would be sooo good…. Right?

I’m sad to say it wasn’t. I couldn’t relate to the characters at all. It was all too coincidental. Ellie gets a job in Branson. The very next day her grandpa somehow has bought, furnished and gifted Ellie with a luxury condo on the lake. Complete with everything her little heart desires except groceries. Even a lovely note from “Opa.” I could go on, including waxing eloquent as another reviewer did, about a houseboat magically going through a dam to go from one lake to another, but I won’t.

I couldn’t connect with these characters at all and I was greatly disappointed in this book. More telling than showing, not engaging, and uninteresting. Ouch.

There are still a few Love Finds You books I haven’t read, and I will when I can, but this was definitely not one of the best.

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover. 320 pages. 

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