Friday, February 27, 2015

Thick as Thieves

Author: Susan K. Marlow
Publisher: Kregel Publications
February 2015
ISBN: 978-0825443671
Genre: Young adult / Historical / suspense
Review by Jenna

Fourteen-year-old Andrea Carter would rather ride her beloved palomino, Taffy, than do anything else. But life on the Circle C ranch in 1882 is busy. Between school and chores, Andi is left with little time to prepare for Taffy’s first foaling. Then when the event finally arrives, it nearly ends in disaster.

Returning to school keeps Andi hard-pressed to find time for foal training. And she now has a new problem on her hands--Macy Walker, who has been assigned as Andi’s seatmate. The new girl’s crude manners and cruel behavior bring storm clouds into Andi’s life, as does the news that cattle rustlers have moved into the valley.

When the cattle rustlers turn to stealing horses and strike the Carter ranch, Andi’s only hope for recovering her precious colts lies with Macy. Can Andi trust this wild girl? Does she have a choice?

THICK AS THIEVES is the first book in Ms. Marlow’s Circle C Milestones series. I have been a long time fan of Ms. Marlow’s books and I was so excited when I got this one in the mail to read.

I loved THICK AS THIEVES because it was filled with adventure and it had valuable lessons, such as it’s better to be a friend who sticks closer than a brother than a non-truthful one. There is also that you can’t always judge by appearances what a person is really like.

I highly recommend THICK AS THIEVES. It’s an awesome book. I can’t wait until I get Ms. Marlow’s next book in this series Heartbreak Trail.

172 pages. Available in paperback.  5 stars.

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Andi Carter said...

Thanks, Jenna, for your enthusiastic review! Glad you enjoyed it. If you ever go to Andi's blog, you can see sneak peeks of the next book and other fun things.
~Mrs. M

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