Tuesday, February 24, 2015

River's Edge

RIVER'S EDGE: Cape Refuge Series Book 3 by Terri Blackstock

Where do YOU go for YOUR information?

Cape Refuge is experiencing another storm, and it isn’t caused by natural phenomena.  As the political race for mayor between Ben Jackson and Pastor Jonathan Cleary heats up, more lives stand to be impacted by the outcome of the election.  Police Chief Matthew Cade knows that if Jonathan doesn’t prevail, his job is on the line as well.

When Ben Jackson’s wife goes missing, the rumor mill begins.  And when a local psychic leads authorities to the river’s edge – directly to the location of Lisa Jackson’s body – it’s only adds fuel to the fire. 

Amidst swirling accusations, suspicious minds, and chaotic lives spinning out of control – there is still The Truth.

The Truth will set you free.  Free indeed.

Exploring a variety of real-life issues, and written with Terri Blackstock’s trademark for deep characters, realistic relationships, and suspense that holds you to the very last page, RIVER’S EDGE will impact your life long after you’ve put the book down.

5 Stars for Christian Suspense at its finest!

Terri Blackstock
ISBN  978-0-310-34279-3
Fiction / Christian / Suspense
360 pages
$ 10.99 (U.S.)
Review by Steve

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