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The Sierra Files #3) 

Paperback and ebook

April 1, 2016

by Christy Barritt 

  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1530848621

“What do you mean a thirteen-foot lavender albino ball python is missing?” 

Tough-as-nails Sierra Nakamura Davis isn’t one to get flustered. But trying to balance being a wife and a new mom with her crusade to help animals is proving harder than she imagined. Add a missing python, a high-maintenance intern, and a dead body to the mix, and Sierra becomes the definition of rattled. Can she balance it all—and solve a possible murder—without losing her mind? Or will this juggling act be the death of her?

My thoughts: RATTLED is downright creepy at times, especially for a non-reptile lover. When Sierra's intern Mandee is arrested for premeditated murder, both women are understandably shocked, horrified, and creeped out. In fact, the intern, as clueless as they come, kept talking herself deeper into trouble! But Sierra isn't convinced Mandee did it and when she went to the apartment where Mandee was staying to feed the reptiles, she decides to start investigating. How did the snake go from one apartment to another and kill someone? Where is the man who actually rents the apartment? And the murdered man seems to have friends and many enemies. But was anyone actually willing to kill him or was it a terrible accident? 

Sierra has her job cut out for her, especially with the murderous snake to be euthanized, a new baby, a husband out of town, and a high-maintenance, understandably freaked out intern, and a possible murderer on the loose. 

RATTLED is the third book in the series but it easily stands alone.  Fans of suspense will love this animal rights activist trying to solve a murder and protect an innocent-yet-very-guilty creature. This was not my favorite book in this series (Pranced holds that honor) but it definitely is a page-turner even if you hate snakes. Don't miss RATTLED. 

Books in this series are:  
. Pounced
. Hunted
. Pranced (a Christmas novella, 2.5 in the series)

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