Monday, May 16, 2016

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade 

Tales from the Goose Creek BandB

 Paperback, ebook, hardcover

September 1, 2015

by Virginia Smith 

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
  • ISBN-13: 978-0736964777

In this first book of the Tales from the Goose Creek B&B, you'll fall in love with a small town that feels like coming home. Its quirky characters and their many shenanigans will make you laugh out loud as they touch a place in your heart.
Even though retirement is still three years away, Al Richardson is counting the days. He anticipates many enjoyable years in which every day feels like Saturday. But Al's wife, Millie, has different plans for their retirement. When she learns that a Victorian-era home is up for sale, Millie launches a full-blown campaign to convince Al that God's plan for them is to turn that house into a B&B.
But a B&B won't be the only change for the small Kentucky town. A new veterinarian has hung up her shingle, but she's only got one patient--the smelly dog belonging to her part-time receptionist. And sides are being taken in the issue of the water tower, which needs a new coat of paint...but no one can agree who should paint it.
The situation is coming to a head. Who could have imagined a town protest over a water tower? And who would believe it could culminate in an illegal parade?
Get lost in a novel that reminds you why you love reading.

My thoughts:  THE MOST FAMOUS ILLEGAL GOOSE CREEK PARADE is a fun, chicklitty type story set in small town America. As a resident of a small town myself, I can see these people in my daily life, and so understand the mindset.  

THE MOST FAMOUS ILLEGAL GOOSE CREEK PARADE is just one of the stories that are fun to read. The characters are sweet, funny and real.  Millie and Al are looking forward to retirement -- but they have different ideas of what retirement should look like.  I sympathized more with Al, Millie's manipulation of him got on my nerves. She wanted her way, no question about it and she used every womanly wile in the book to get it. Al just wanted a quiet, secure retirement. Who would win this battle of wills?  Al and Millie went to church and he went to men's meetings, but I saw no indication they prayed together--or even separately--for God's will in what they should do. 

There is also a new vet in town, who managed to get off on the wrong foot and alienated everyone in town her first day on the job. Ouch! 

I did really enjoy THE MOST FAMOUS ILLEGAL GOOSE CREEK PARADE and would recommend it. 4 stars. 


Unknown said...

The title and your little quip about the book got me curious adding this to my shelf!

Unknown said...

Laugh out loud! I need to read this book

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