Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Handy English Grammar Answer Book

The Handy English Grammar Answer Book
Junior High to Adult. Price $21.95
Visible Ink

A must have for students of English, The Handy English Grammar Answer Book is a paperback that will go with you to class, find a place of honor on your desk, and be referred to time and time again.

Wondering where to place a comma or when to use a semicolon? Ever written an email that was misunderstood – or even worse completely, misinterpreted? The Handy English Grammar Answer Book can help by offering fundamental principles, grammar rules, punctuation advice, insights on writing and writing examples for different occasions.

 The Handy English Grammar Answer book answers questions and includes fun facts such as:

> How did the language of the Anglo-Saxons become the English language?
> What is a linking verb?
> How do I use quotation marks when suggesting sarcasm or skepticism?
> How do I use sources to support my own arguments?
> How is grammar affected by new media?
> How do I use text messages appropriately?
> How do I know if a website’s information is up to date?

For speakers and writers of all ages and skill levels, The Handy English Answer Book is a must have for the reference library. A book that will be used, over and over again, from junior high, through college and beyond. Recommended. 

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