Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life

Author: Joan C. Webb
Publisher: Regal Books
April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8307-4801-3
Genre: Inspirational/devotional

Most of us mothers live in an over-whelmed state. Trying to balance work, home, family, homework, housework, and social obligations into a world that keeps getting crazier and crazier. We gotta start the laundry, we gotta help the kids with English, we gotta do this that and the next time and we don’t have time to sit down and make any times for ourselves. Ms. Webb’s new devotional IT’S A WONDERFUL (IMPERFECT) LIFE is a devotional for us busy women.

Ms Webb starts out with a short verse (written in the NIV) and then tells a short story about her own busy life, and then ends it with a short prayer, and then a short application. As a devotional it is short and sweet and it will encourage you to give up some of the busyness of your life and make time to spend more fun time with your spouse, children, or friends instead of constantly working on the never-ending chore list.

IT’S A WONDERFUL (IMPERFECT) LIFE is not meant to be – or to take the place of Bible study, but for a quick, “God-fix” this is perfect. It won’t even take five minutes out of your day, and it does give you something to think about, something to take into account, and to try to bring about in your life.

As Ms. Webb says, “Learning to be content with ‘good enough’ is the only way to find the rest and balance you long for…Imperfection is just right! Only God is perfect.”

I’ve read one of Ms. Webb’s books before, and noted that she is a life coach. Her profession as a life coach is evident in these devotionals as they are definitely upbeat, and have a positive ‘you can do this!’ feel about them. If you are looking for a short, fit into my busy schedule, type devotional, then IT’S A WONDERFUL (IMPERFECT) LIFE fits the bill. $12.99 192 pages.

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