Sunday, January 3, 2010

Maggie Rose

Author: Sharlene MacLaren
Publisher: Whitaker House
June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60374-075-3
Genre: Inspirational/Historical romance

Maggie Rose is only twenty years old, but she feels the Lord is calling her away from her home in Sandy Shores, Michigan, to the big bustling city of New York City. She believes God wants her to work there in an orphanage.

As Maggie Rose adjusts to her new life at Sheltering Arms Refuge, she grows attached to some of the orphans. But this orphanage transports the homeless children to towns across the United States to match them up with families. Most of the children there in the orphanage have horrific tales to tell, stories that makes Maggie Rose aghast, but she has to be impressed with their resiliency.

A newspaper reporter, Luke Madison, comes to the orphanage in search of a story, Maggie Rose can’t help but be attracted to the handsome, kind-hearted man. But when she learns that he doesn’t share her faith, Maggie Rose struggles to keep her focus on God, and not the man in their midst. What will it take for Maggie Rose to remain attuned to God’s guidance, especially where Luke and the children are involved.

MAGGIE ROSE is the second book in Ms. MacLaren’s The Daughters of Jacob Kane series, but it easily stands alone. I enjoyed getting to know Maggie Rose, and all the other characters in this book. Luke is the stuff dreams are made of, strong, handsome, caring, and creative, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. And the orphans…if only I could give them all a home.

The writing is strong, the story impeccable, with characters that become real one the page. This is a story that will move your heartstrings as you grow to love the children. MAGGIE ROSE is a strong story, that will stay with you. And the ending is simply delicious. $9.99, 429 pages.

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