Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Becoming Lucy

Author: Martha Rogers
Publisher: Realms
January 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59979-912-4
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Lucinda Bishop is seventeen, and now a wealthy heiress to her father’s estate, since her parents’ untimely deaths. But, under-aged, Lucinda is sent to Oklahoma to live with her aunt and uncle on their ranch until she is eighteen. Lucinda is glad to leave her hometown of Boston, as she fears an uncle who was rather upset that Lucinda inherited property and he didn’t.

When Lucinda arrives in Oklahoma, the first person she meets is Jake Starnes, a cowboy working for her relatives. Jake and Lucinda are instantly attracted, but Jake is a drifter running from his past. And Lucinda is repeatedly warned away from the handsome cowboy.

As Lucinda struggles with her emotions, Jake starts reading the Bible and learning about God’s love for him. But with this truth comes the realization that Jake must accept the consequences of his past—even if it means losing the girl he loves.

BECOMING LUCY is the first book in debut author, Martha Rogers’ new series, Winds Across the Prairie. I was honored to be able to review this book for Ms. Rogers, and to be an acquaintance, watching her plod toward her publishing dreams. I am so happy that Ms Rogers succeeded.

BECOMING LUCY is a charming debut novel, tender and sweet. Lucinda is a realistic character, sweet, charming, and every inch a lady, thrust into unfamiliar situations. In a way her naivety reminded me of Maria on The Sound of Music. Jake too is struggling with unfamiliar emotions and he doesn’t know how to act around Lucinda. The writing of BECOMING LUCY is top-notch. Don’t miss BECOMING LUCY, and look for the second book in the series, Morning for Dove, coming in May 2010. 289 pages.

About Martha Rogers
Debut Novelist, Long-time Believer

Martha Rogers placed her faith in Jesus Christ 65 years ago. He has seen her through her step-father's sexually abusive behavior toward her sister and brother, her own breast cancer, two mastectomies, two miscarriages, her husband's heart attack, her grandson's cystic fibrosis, and the deaths of her parents. She holds a Master's degree in education and enjoyed a 36-year teaching career. To say she's an inspiration to those of us trying to walk a faithful path is a gross understatement.

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