Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fully Engaged

Title: FULLY ENGAGED: How to Do Less and Be More
Author: John Busacker
Publisher: Summerside North
May 2011
ISBN: 978-1-609361150
Genre: Personal growth/success

People, they say are the only creatures that speed up when they are lost or overwhelmed. But busy isn’t better—it just leads to exhaustion. What if you could slow down—and experience life as it’s meant to be lived?

FULLY ENGAGED is an action plan that will help you identify your passions and your talents, so you can realign your work and day-to-day activity.

FULLY ENGAGED includes little quizzes to determine how satisfied you are, what your life is worth, your life story, life values, and more. Plus it includes personal stories and suggests three key components:

1. Living with Awareness (live intentionally)
2. Living with Alignment (what do you want out of life)
3. Living with Action (the direction you want to go)

“You have gifts to give, family to love, and dreams to live,” writes John Busacker. If you are burned out, replicating and repeating, and want to feel happy, connected, and alive, then FULLY ENGAGED is a book you need to read. Includes a handy yellow ribbon bookmarker. $14.99. 144 pages, hardcover.

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