Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bridge to a Distant Star

Author: Carolyn Williford
Publisher: David C. Cook
June 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6703-5
Genre: Inspirational/fiction/contemporary

On a stormy night on the Sunshine Skyway, a five-mile bridge spanning the bay from St. Petersburg to Bradenton, the lives of three families intersect. One family is ravaged by a child’s heartbreaking news, a marriage is threatened by a flimsy fa├žade, and a college student is burdened by fear and self doubt. How will light come to these tragic stories?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the worse. As the families start to cross the bridge, they don’t know that the bridge is collapsing—and these families’ lives are changed…forever.

BRIDGE TO A DISTANT STAR is based on a true story, an incredible tale of three families caught in a terrible tragedy. This is the first book that I’ve ever read by Ms. Williford, and I found her to be a very talented writer. Her writing is impeccable, and I couldn’t find any fault with it.

The characters were very realistically developed, and stories based around real life are always fascinating. However, this book was very heavy. I usually can read through a book in a matter of hours, but BRIDGE TO A DISTANT STAR took over a week, it was just too much to absorb in a short time. This story is one that will stay with you, the characters ones you will remember long after you close the pages of this book. Particularly fascinating are the pages at the end of the book in “Afterwards” where there is a conversation with the author, the true story behind this book, and more. $14.99. 371 pages.

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