Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Second Messiah

Author: Glenn Meade
Publisher: Howard Books
August 2011
ISBN 978-1-4516-1184-7
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: Steve Hilton

In a remote archeological dig, a discovery has been made that is guaranteed to rock the world. The name of Jesus the Messiah has been uncovered in a papyrus scroll. That, in and of itself, is rare enough to cause ripples of monumental proportion. But the information concerning Jesus the Messiah is of even greater impact. The shocking discovery, according to the leadership in the Roman Catholic Church, is too much for the world to handle. They just aren’t ready for it. So . . . the information must disappear. Along with anyone and everyone who knows anything about it.

Author Glenn Meade has written a novel that spans the globe, and his attention to detail makes this an interesting work from that perspective. However, the reader needs to be aware that Mr. Meade’s style has been compared to that of John Le Carre and Tom Clancy, and this book proves the comparison. Allusions to the female form, chain-smoking, all-night celebrations involving alcohol, and thinly veiled invitations to illicit sexual liaisons make THE SECOND MESSIAH a book difficult to recommend to the readership of those who claim the name of Christ in sincerity. 464 pages. $22.50.

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