Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mystery of Puzzle Bones

Author: T. A. Smith
Publisher: Catacomb Publishing LLC
November 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9841847-1-2
Genre: Inspirational/young adult/mystery

Jaydon, Caleb, Ethan, and Brandon are all best friends, and they have the coolest hide-out. It’s a layout of unused sewer lines in the new subdivision. The boys take their skateboards down there and skate via flashlight to a big room, where they have rigged up electric and fished chairs and lamps out of dumpsters to have a comfortable place to hang out.

But one day, Ethan is afraid someone has found them. He saw a gray shadow moving in the background. He doesn’t want to say anything, thinking his friends will make fun of him, but soon his friends notice and they go to investigate. What they find, leaves chills running up their spines. Someone has left a strange puzzle of bones near the clubhouse.

Someone knows about their secret hangout, and is leading them deeper into the sewers. But what they find is a place that doesn’t want to be found and people that will do anything to protect their secrets. The danger become extreme, and the boys are forced to run for their lives. Will they survive?

MYSTERY OF PUZZLE BONES is the first book in the Adventures of the Boardunders Club for children ages 8 – 14. There is also a dog, Roscoe, who is a member of the club, and the dog is a key player, involved in everything.

Only one of the boys, Caleb, is a Christian, so the boys have some discussions, about horoscopes and the supernatural, ghosts and demons and such. Caleb has a real good testimony though, so his friends ask him questions about God, but realistically don’t make an immediate decision for Christ.

Written for boys, this is a book that girls won’t be afraid to read, even though there aren’t many female characters. Tweener boys will find this book hard to put down. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book. $6.95. 151 pages.

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Thank you for an excellent review - you summed up the plot and overview really well.

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