Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview with K. Dawn Byrd and giveaway!!

What kind of research did you do for Shattered Identity?

The only research I did for Shattered Identity was regarding the designer drug, bath salts. I needed to know how a person would act who was high on bath salts.

How did you come up with the plot for Shattered Identity?

Several people who read Mistaken Identity, emailed me and asked me to write a sequel. They wanted me to write Lexi's story. Lexi was unsaved and living the lifestyle of a party girl. I carried that over into the Shattered Identity plot.

Share a brief blurb about the book.

Nineteen-year-old Lexi Branson thinks she's found the guy of her dreams. He's hot, wealthy, and older. She soon finds out that sometimes the perfect guy turns out to be perfectly dangerous.

What role have your life experiences played in the characters and/or the situations you develop in your books?

Actually, none of my life experiences carried over into this book. I've never abused drugs and I'm lucky enough to say that I've never been in an abusive relationship.

Do you see parallels or do you try to avoid using your own personal life as a source of inspiration?

I do not write about my own personal life in any of my books. I'm a private person and choose not to write about myself, my family, or my friends.

What are your own favorite authors? Genres?

I absolutely love suspense. Brandilyn Collins is my favorite Christian suspense author. Lisa Jackson is my favorite secular suspense author.

How has your passion for reading impacted your writing?

I've been an avid reader from the time I learned to read. Now, when I read, my internal editor is on high alert as I study other authors and their technique, hoping to make myself a better writer.

Describe how you write a book – with your other responsibilities, does it tend to be something you work into your every day, or do you have to “set apart” time to write with open, undesignated blocks of time?

All of my books are written in 30-day marathons. I write 2000-2500 words per day, put the book away after 30 days and then go back and edit, fleshing out the plot.

What provides your inspirations during that time – i.e. do you go out in nature, do you seek to be in a busy place with people or in a quiet library, etc.?

I must have total peace and quiet, which is unfortunate. I could get a lot more done if I didn't.

How have social networking sites, even including email, etc. impacted your writing? Do you find the internet to be a helpful or harmful resource in research, advertising, reviewing, etc. your books?

I absolutely love the internet, but find that I must limit my time surfing if I'm to meet my word count.

Do you use these tools such as facebook as a means of observing the behavior of others which could be the basis of a character, or are you of the ‘old school’ that relies more on personal relationships and “human” touches?

I don't use facebook, but sometimes I'll search the internet for things that are important to certain characters, such as teens.

Ask a question for the readers to answer to be entered into the giveaway.

What would you consider to be a warning sign that you're entering into an abusive relationship? List as many as you can think of.


pwnmom said...

Him not wanting you to hang out with your friends.
Him always wanting to know where you are/have been and with whom.
Any "wrong" physical contact (grabbing your arm too forcefully or shoving or whatever).
How he displays his anger. Is it normal or overboard?


K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks for hosting me!

Sharon said...

I would think possessiveness first, maybe a general lack of respect for my feelings and accomplishments. Verbal or mental abuse. An attack on my self esteem.
Sharon Srock

cjajsmommy said...

The warning signs I think young girls should watch for: He wants to always know where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. He decides who your friends should be. He starts to dictate the clothes you wear and your hairstyle. He gets angry quickly and you begin to act in ways to avoid his anger (which means his anger is now controlling you also). These are just a few of the warning signs I've seen.

K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks so much for hosting me!

K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks so much for hosting me!