Friday, June 22, 2012

The Quakers of New Garden

Authors: Claire Sanders, Ann E. Schrock, Jennifer Hudson Taylor and Susette William6s
Publisher: Barbour Books
April 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61626-643-1
Genre: Inspirational/Quaker romance/mixed time periods

Love--plain and simple--finds a home in Indiana

New Garden’s Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor—Josiah Wall has postponed his wedding to Ruth Payne one too many times. Now, Ruth has called off their engagement and Josiah is crushed, especially when he learns she’s blabbing it around town that they broke up. Josiah fully intends to marry Ruth, he just wanted to wait until after the election. But now, he sets out to win her back, but each attempt is thwarted by disaster. Could this broken engagement really be the end?

New Garden’s Crossroads by Ann E. Schrock—Deborah Wall is thrilled when she lands a position working for a hub of the Underground Railroad. Nathaniel Fox has left the Society of Friends and now works as a bounty hunter. When an injury takes him to the Coffin’s house where Deborah works, he and Deborah are on each other’s last nerve. Will Nathaniel be able to give up his ways to join Deborah in hers?

New Garden’s Inspiration by Claire Sanders—Leah Wall is an unwanted, poor relation, and she’s stunned and horrified to discover her uncle has arranged a marriage between her and widowed Caleb Whitaker. Leah finds herself a wife in name only, caring for Caleb’s children while he fights for the Union Army. If he comes home from the war, can she hope for more?

New Garden’s Conversion by Susette Williams—Jaidon Taylor is instantly attracted to beautiful Catherine Wall, but she thwarts all his attempts to get close because she is a Quaker and he is not. Jaidon is determined to show Catherine they aren’t as different as she believes. As they work together with inner city kids, will Jaidon succeed in his mission? Or are they really as different as Catherine believes?

THE QUAKERS OF NEW GARDEN is a collection of four romances, three set in historical time periods, and one in contemporary times. I enjoyed reading all four stories, but did stumble over the “thee’s” used in the first three for awhile. The fourth story, being a contemporary had the Quakers dressed in modern clothes and using modern language, making the characters easy for reader to identify with. All four stories are very well developed and interesting and readers interested in learning about the Quakers while devouring a well-told romance (or four) will want to read this book. All four of the stories are well written with realistic characters and an interesting story line. Recommended. $7.99. 350 pages.

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