Friday, March 22, 2013

Pocket Your Dollars

Author: Carrie Rocha
Publisher: Bethany House
December 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1087-7
Genre: Personal Finance

When it comes to money, attitude is everything.

Carrie Rocha, founder and owner of Pocket Your, one of the most popular sites on the web, shares the secrets that will help you change the way you think about money. Seven years ago she and her husband were surprised to discover the mountain of debt they'd accumulated. They knew they'd have to make big changes. Thirty months later they were debt free and have stayed that way ever since.

How did they do it? It wasn't through a step-by-step financial program or spending plan. It turns out, budgets can't fix everything--real change takes an attitude adjustment.

You too can triumph over the pitfalls that lead to financial stress. With practical help in every chapter, including real-life examples and easy-to-use self-assessment tools, you'll soon understand what Carrie discovered: Lasting change can start today.

POCKET YOUR DOLLARS is the latest in a long line of financial wisdom books following in the wake of Dave Ramsey’s classes (which I would love to take.) For the most part, there wasn't anything new in POCKET YOUR DOLLARS. Most of it is all common sense. I did like that Ms. Rocha focused on our attitudes toward money. She discusses five different attitude changes needed to help us pay down debt and avoid financial stress. Such as:

Ø      If only I had more money
Ø      I deserve a treat (my biggest downfall)
Ø      It won’t happen to me
Ø      I’ll fake it ‘til I make it
Ø      I can’t afford it

She goes on to show us the skills we need to change our attitudes and some simple budgeting advice.

Ms. Rocha also shares the story of how she and her husband paid off over $50,000 in about thirty months. POCKET YOUR DOLLARS ends with some practical tips- all of which I was already aware, except one. Buy your gas on Tuesdays. In some parts of the country, apparently, that's when gas prices are at their lowest. Wow. I tracked prices here to see if it was true, and it didn’t seem to be where I live. Nothing changed. But, maybe where you live it is true.

POCKET YOUR DOLLARS reminds us that money (or lack, thereof) is not the root of the problem, but rather it’s our attitudes. 3.5 stars. $13.99. 224 pages.

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