Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You're Made for a God-Sized Dream

Author: Holley Gerth
Publisher: Revell
March 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2061-2
Genre: nonfiction / Christian living

We all long to live with more purpose, passion, and joy. Yet in the middle of our hectic lives, the God-sized dreams that have the potential to lead us into all God has planned for us are the ones that tend to get lost. With her intimate, approachable style and constant encouragement, popular blogger and author Holley Gerth invites women to rediscover the big dreams God has given them--and then dare to pursue them.

With the enthusiasm and honesty that we all want from our closest friend, Holley encourages women to overcome excuses--too busy, too late, too far out of my comfort zone--and believe that their God-sized dreams can become reality. She takes readers by the heart and says, "Yes! You can do this! Let's go!" and then guides them forward with a loving hand. A licensed counselor and certified life coach, Holley insightfully combines inspiration with practical application in this positive book.

You’re allowed to be happy.
There’s nothing wrong with your dream.
You are a blessing.

If these are words you need to hear, then YOU’RE MADE FOR A GOD-SIZED DREAM is a book you’ll need to read. Positive and encouraging, Ms. Gerth takes you by the hand and pulls you along – almost the way I saw a younger woman ‘guide’ an older one today. A bit faster than prepared, but still safely and lovingly.

This book will take you through chapters such as:

Ø      The “More” You’re Made For
Ø      You Might Have a God-Sized Dream If…
Ø      The Heart of a Dreamer
Ø      What Comes Next for You?
Ø      A Guide to Overcoming Your Fear…
Ø      And much more

If you have a dream and you aren’t daring to dream it, then YOU’RE MADE FOR A GOD-SIZED DREAM is a book you need to read. Recommended. $13.99. 224 pages. 5 stars.

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