Friday, May 24, 2013

I Really Do Miss Your Smile

Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher:  Self published
May 2013
Genre: Contemporary romance/novella

Ingrid Young has had a crush on John Christenson since she was thirteen. Every year she goes up with her family to Deep Haven on vacation and they stay in Cabin 12. But this year, Ingrid gets to go with her sister, Kari, to the street dance--and she intends to dance with John. Except--it doesn't go so well.

John has eyes only for the beautiful, cheerleader daughter in the Young family--Kari. But then, so do all the other boys in Deep Haven. He gives Ingrid a brief moment on the dance floor, but is quick to ditch her when he sees Kari leaving with another boy. And he makes a foolish choice...

Every year the Young family goes up to Deep Haven at the same time of the year. And Ingrid looks for John. But will he ever notice her as more than Kari's younger sister?

I REALLY DO MISS YOUR SMILE is the prequel to the Christenson Family series, with the first book about Darek Christenson Take a Chance on Me, which released in April.

As with all of Ms. Warren's books, I loved getting to know John and Ingrid. I hurt for Ingrid, loving a man who didn't know she was alive, and for John for some of his decisions, hurts, and disappointments. I hoped that the two would be able to work things out.

This story is short, only about 60 pages and easily read in a day.  And right now, it is being offered as a free addition when you buy Take a Chance on Me at Barnes & Noble.   $Free, right now, with purchase. 5 stars.

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