Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spelling Mechanics

Spelling Mechanics
Kindergarten through sixth grade. Price $39.99 through $239.99
Mattman and Cowan

Are you ready to teach your children spelling? Spelling Mechanics is a new program for homeschoolers that can be used on a simple computer disc. The lessons are set up for teachers, such as for the kindergarten level, you introduce them to the vowels and it lists a bunch of activities for the teacher to do with the student. Introduce the individual vowels or consonants to students, demonstrate words that have the sounds in them, and share that every word will have a vowel.

Spelling Mechanics includes games to be played with spelling, tells you what manipulatives you will need, and it includes website links for suggested lists of words for your grade level, and words for extra practice or reteaching.

Tests are included that can be printed off for your student, and an answer key is included.

Spelling Mechanics is not interactive for students. It is premade lesson plans so a busy mom doesn’t have to come up with her own lesson plans and tests for this subject. A great spelling program.


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