Monday, August 19, 2013

My Princess Devotions Preschool Edition

Title: The One Year MY PRINCESS DEVOTIONS: Preschool Edition
Author: Karen Whiting
Publisher: Tyndale Kids
August 2013
ISBN: 978-1414369051
Genre:  Children’s Devotions

Princesses are a big attraction for most girls, especially preschoolers and early readers. The One Year My Princess Devotions is written for early readers and preschoolers. Each devotion sheds light on how the reader is a princess—a daughter of God, the King. The devotions also emphasize how little princesses should respond to being God’s children. Each devotion includes Royal Words (the Bible verse), Princess Thoughts (a short devotion written for early readers), a Prayer, and a Princess in Action section (an activity related to the devotion).

The devotions are thematic according to the calendar. For example, January features creation and February highlights love.

Little Princesses will look forward to learning more about their King each day.

MY PRINCESS DEVOTIONS is a cute, hardcover book, designed for little girl hands. The devotions are simple, designed for preschoolers, to teach them to start each day in the Word. The devotions are simply worded, easily understood, and the pages are pink. There is one devotion for every day of the year, making this the perfect devotion for your daughter/granddaughter/other. She will love it. Recommended. $14.99. 400 pages. 5 stars. 3 - 5 year olds

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