Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rufus and Ryan Go to Church! / The Blue Rule at the Park

Author: Kathleen Long Bostrom
Illustrator: Rebecca Thornburgh
Publisher: Candy Cane Press
September 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8249-1903-0
Genre: Childrens/preschoolers board book

In Rufus and Ryan Go to Church! Ryan explains to his stuffed monkey, Rufus, what is happening as they attend church on Sunday morning. He lets Rufus know when it's time to sing and to pray and to be quiet.

Rufus is a stuffed monkey and he likes to go to church with Ryan. Ryan shares everything with him, singing, listening to the lesson, and snack time! But will Rufus be good? Will Ryan be good?

Preschoolers will relate to Ryan as most of them like to bring their favorite stuffed friend to church. This will remind children that when they do, their stuffed friend needs to be good and behave itself—and the child does too. 

A fun book, beautifully illustrated. Recommended. $7.19 hardcover. 20 pages.


Author: Denise M. Fleming
Illustrator: Lisa M. Sutton
Publisher: Truth Book Publishers
Genre: Childrens

The Oogas live on a planet very far away called Benevolent.  When some Ooga friends go to the park to play they have a great time, until another Ooga friend comes and invites one of them to the movies. The other Ooga is left alone, sad and lonely.

When he talks to his mom, she says to share how he feels with his friend. When he does, they learn that being kind isn't abandoning one friend to play with another, but including others in your activities.

THE BLUE RULE AT THE PARK is an interesting book. The teacher who wrote it says she wrote it for fourth graders, but I think it is also geared toward younger children. This is mostly at a kindergarten/first grade reading level, and if a child is reading chapter books its rather immature. But if you are reading to your child still, it would be good to teach kindness to others.  Discussion questions are included.

Available at  $14.95. 30 pages.

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