Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas at Harmony Hill

Author: Ann H. Gabhart
Publisher: Revell
September 2013
ISBN: 978-0800719821
Genre: Historical Christmas

A stirring story of healing, hope, and home at Christmas

It is 1864 and the nation is torn apart by civil war when Heather Worth discovers she is with child. With her husband at the front and nowhere else to turn, she seeks refuge in the Shaker village of Harmony Hill. Amid the tumult of the times, Heather yearns for the peace she sees in this strange community. But can this longing really be fulfilled amid these people with their peculiar beliefs about family?

As Christmas approaches, the joy of new life and the love that is born of forgiveness may hold the answer.

CHRISTMAS AT HARMONY HILL is set half on the battlefields of the south, and half in a Shaker Village. Heather married a Union soldier, going against her father’s wishes, especially after Heather’s brother signed up to fight with the southern army. With the family torn asunder, the father disowned his oldest daughter since she married the enemy. With nowhere to go, Heather trailed the Union soldiers as a washerwoman to be near her husband until time was near for the birth of her baby. Gideon didn’t want his child born on a battlefield.

Heather heads home to her mom, but finds she will have no refuge at home. Her mom left her a letter telling her to go to the Shaker Village and find her great aunt. Heather does so, but finds the Shakers not at all what she expects. Will trials and battles both for Gideon and Heather, will there be a happy ending for Christmas?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading CHRISTMAS AT HARMONY HILL and if you like historical stories, then you won’t want to miss this book. So far this has been the best of all the Christmas stories I read this season. This book would make a wonderful gift for the historical reader on your Christmas list—or for yourself. $15.99 hardcover. 9.99 kindle. 208 pages. 

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Judy said...

Thanks for your great review Laura! This is one of the books on my list!

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