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Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home

Book Info and Review

Authors: David Gudgel and Bernice Gudgel
Publisher: self-published
September 2013
ISBN: 978-1484820582
Genre: Nonfiction / parenting teens and college-age

Is your teen successfully prepared to leave home? Just One More Thing is filled with practical advice to help teens transition out of the house and into the rest of their life. In the book, the Gudgels use stories, perspectives, and dialogues to discuss 30 indispensable topics to help teens survive on their own, including: worldview, financial challenges, use of time, career moves, moral dilemmas, sex, painful experiences, and spiritual life, among others. Written from a Biblical perspective, the book is more of a guide to making good decisions than a lecture on how to live. It’s perfect for a parent and teen to go over together or to give as a thoughtful gift. This is a book they’ll reference for years to come.

JUST ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME is a friendly book geared for parents and kids who are about to leave home. A compilation of topics Mr. Gudgel talked about with his children, this book is full of sage advice for young people.

Topics cover include (but aren’t limited to)

Choices –
Career Moves –
Financial Challenges –
Sex Matters –
Practical Tips –

Really, everything, from gambling, drinking, premarital sex, paying for college, looking for a job, etc, is covered in this book as well as a lot of biblical references so you know what God says about the subject. There are also charts and forms for the young adult to fill out (photocopied, so they can change it as they grow and mature) and questions to consider.

This book is EXCELLENT for parents to discuss with their child who’s about the leave the nest. I’ve a son moving out in January (wince, sniff, sniff) and I know I’ll never be ready. But with JUST ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME read and discussed, I know he’ll be ready and able to tackle life away from Mom and Dad.

Recommended for young adults (and their parents) who are leaving home for the first time, whether for college, military, or career.  $10.50 paperback. $7.99 kindle. 252 pages. 5 stars. 

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Meet the authors: Dave & Bernice Gudgel are committed to walking intentionally with God and helping others do the same. Bernice has a degree in Psychology and has focused her adult life on raising three kids and leading various ministries in the church where people can connect with God and each other. Dave is a pastor and teaches for Walk Thru the Bible.

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