Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Canyon of Danger

Author: Susan K. Marlow
Publisher: Kregel
September 2013
ISBN:  978-0825442964
Genre: Tweener/young adult

Jem Coulter’s pa, the sheriff of Goldtown, is away on a trip to deliver a prisoner to Sacramento, and he has left Jem in charge of the ranch—along with Aunt Rose, that is.

No sooner is the sheriff gone then trouble starts—a dead calf, a mysterious stranger, and then Pa’s horse, Copper, and his prize rifle are stolen. And Pa’s deputies seem unconcerned.

Jem and his cousin Nathan find Copper’s tracks end at a dark canyon up in the hills. Jem remembers an old Indian legend Strike-it-rich Sam is fond of retelling about people disappearing and no one ever seeing them again. What is the real story of the canyon of danger? Have thieves found the perfect hideout?

Readers ages 8 to 12 will be entertained by the adventurous spirit and historical lure in this fast-moving series that teaches about life in the post–Gold Rush days of 1860s California. Quick-paced plots and unforgettable characters make these books fun for the whole family.

CANYON OF DANGER is the third book in Ms. Marlow’s Goldtown Adventure series for boys and girls. The first two books are Badge of Honor and Tunnel of Gold. Readers will want to read these in order. While they do stand alone, you will want to know what happened previously.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lots of adventure and trouble for Jem to get into while his sheriff dad is away—and trouble he found! For awhile it was edge of the seat wondering what would happen next. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, coming in 2014, River of Peril.

If you have tweener boys (or girls) who enjoy high-action historical fiction, then this is the perfect gift for under the Christmas tree—or anytime. Real life historical information is included at the end of the book. Don’t miss CANYON OF DANGER. $7.99. 160 pages. 5 stars. 

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