Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills

Author: Kim O'Brien
Publisher: Barbour Books
September 2011
ISBN: 978-1616262918
Genre: contemporary romance

It was only a relationship of convenience.... until it became a romance

Millie Hogan and David Denvers both have big problems in small town Deer Park, South Dakota. Millie--a waitress with designs on Hollywood--has a mother who keeps setting her up on disastrous blind dates, even though Millie's never met a man she could trust. David--a widowed dentist with an almost-teenage son and opinionated parents--is being stalked by an amorous former patient. So when a lost filling lands Millie in David's office, the two of them cook up a plan--a fake relationship. No one gets hurt and no one gets snagged. It's a great plan--until they really start to care. Now what will they do?

Turns out, it probably doesn't matter: when Millie learns a shocking family secret she wonders if she's really wife material. Maybe it's best to stick with the plan and head for Hollywood. And since David's folks think Millie's all wrong for him, well... he realizes he may have to let her go. Isn't that what you do when you love someone?

A WEDDING BLUNDER IN THE BLACK HILLS was a totally fun story. It took the tried and true (and maybe overdone) lets pretend to be engaged scenerio and turned it into something fresh and new. I smiled a lot as I read this story about David and Millie un-dating. I cried for the cruelness of the church people and I wanted to hit the woman who was so desperate for David's attentions she dropped to new lows.

A very sweet romance, full of lighthearted fun, yet deals with serious issues of bullying and misunderstandings. I couldn't put it down and read all day instead of doing my own writing. Highly recommend. $12.99.  320 pages.

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