Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Snowball Fight Professional / Dianna's Wings

Author: Angela Ruth Strong
Publisher: Ashberry Press
October 2014
Genre: Tweener

I, Joey Michaels, am the Snowball Fight Professional.

Basically this means that customers pay me to shoot snowballs at other people. I’ll use the profits to buy Grandma a gift so impressive that she’ll give me a puppy for Christmas. Unless, of course, my cousin Winston has anything to do with it ...

Earning the puppy wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have the following problems:
1) Winston stealing my employee
2) Winston getting me in trouble every time I do something wrong
3) Winston blaming me for things I don’t even do

If I don’t get the puppy ... ugh, Winston will get him. And Christmas should be all about what I want, right?

The Snowball Fight Professional is Book 2 in the Fun4Hire Series.

THE SNOWBALL FIGHT PROFESSIONAL is a completely adorable story full of excitement, snow, husky puppies, cookies, family, friends, and fun. What could be better? I absolutely loved Joey and I hoped he’d end up getting the puppy for something he did… I didn’t want Winston to get it at all. But the ending was a surprise I didn’t see coming and it was so wonderfully perfect.

If you have a tween (ages 7-12) you will absolutely want to get this book for them for Christmas. Written in a boys point of view, it will appeal to female readers, too. Available in paperback and ebook. 176 pages. 


Author: Cindy Loven
Illustrator: Jared Hogue
Publisher: Self
Genre: Childrens

Did you ever see a beautiful butterfly and wish you could soar on majestic wings? Dianna Dragonfly has. In fact she is convinced her life will be perfect if she only had butterfly wings. Trevor has to show Dianna that God creates us perfectly, each and every one of us. That we all have beauty within us.

I think dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects God has made. But Dianna Dragonfly disagrees. Her wings aren’t big enough or colorful enough. She wants flashy, not functional. In Ms. Loven’s debut children’s novel, she tells us that we are perfect the way God invented us.

In my daughter’s words: DIANNA’S WINGS teaches me that I don’t have to be skinny just like my sister and have blond hair like my church friend. He made us all different and just the way he wanted us.

If you have a young child struggling with self-esteem issues or who wonders why she doesn’t look like the neighbor kid, or thinks his skills are not good enough since he didn’t make the t-ball team, it will help to remind him/her that God knew and loved them before they were born. A valuable lesson for all children to hear. 

Available in kindle and paperback. 

Swept Away Quilts of Love Laura V Hilton Cindy Loven

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