Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Catch of a Lifetime

Catch of a Lifetime 

Paperback, ebook

November 2, 2015

by Candee Fick

230 pages
  • Publisher: Bling! Romance 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1941103944
He breathes football. She shudders at the very mention of the sport. 

After a tragedy involving a football player destroyed her family, athletic trainer and graduate student, Cassie moves across the country looking for a fresh start, but a change in financial aid lands her in the middle of her worst nightmare. Meanwhile, rookie coach Reed worries his dream career will slip away as injuries plague his players and his star receiver teeters on the brink of ineligibility. As the two work together to salvage the season, sparks fly, and Reed must eventually choose between the game and the woman he loves.

Football is not something I'm drawn to, and if I were to judge a book by the cover, I'd likely choose not to read this book. It would be a mistake. Cassie and Reed are realistic characters with struggles most of us can identify with. Cassie has been badly hurt by a football star, and it is her worse nightmare when she's assigned a job working with them in her work-study assignment. Reed struggles with trying to be good enough to catch his parent's attention. He knows what he wants, but rules seem to work against him. 

I loved the main characters, but some of the secondary characters won my hearts just as much. Marquis, Hunter... I wanted more about them.  Derek vaguely reminded me of someone I know--thankfully not to the same extent... 

Candee Fick delivers an impeccable debut in this remarkable tale, filled with vivid storytelling. Catch of a Lifetime invites readers onto a journey of a lifetime as Cassie and Reed discover that even when they fumble the ball, or are getting blindsided in the red zone, the whistle hasn’t blown. The play is still alive, The Coach is on the sidelines, and His playbook is always available. This story is sure to score a touchdown with football fans and romance readers alike.

Highly recommended. 5 stars. 

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