Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lilies on Daybreak Pond

Lilies on Daybreak Pond 

The Men of Lancaster County

Kindle Edition

by Mindy Starns Clark

  • 37 pages
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers 
  • December 15, 2014

This free short story prequel by bestselling author Mindy
Starns Clark offers an exclusive bonus to The Men of Lancaster County series by
Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner. Fans of the series will enjoy this brief
opportunity to revisit a family they have grown to love, and new readers will
be introduced to a life-altering act that ends up reverberating throughout the
three full novels of the series, The Amish Groom, The Amish Blacksmith, and
The Amish Clockmaker. This e-short story also includes the first chapter
of The Amish Groom.
It’s coming on spring, and Joel Miller is beginning to
understand that his daughter is never coming home again. Three months ago,
18-year-old Sadie snuck away in the dead of night, breaking from the Amish
faith to live the life of an Englischer. The family she left behind has
been dealing with the loss ever since—especially her father, who is still
struggling to comprehend how God could have allowed this to happen. Now the
family dog has gone missing as well, and Joel is determined to find him and
bring him back home no matter what it takes. As he searches for the missing
pet, he wonders how find the strength to let his daughter go and move on with
his life. How can he help his family do so as well?

My thoughts:  This is an e-short prequel to the Amish Men Of Lancaster County series, showing how the father of our first hero's mother (in The Amish Groom) felt when his daughter left home without warning. A lost dog added insult to injury and the father is left floundering, unable to work, just trying to heal his relationship with God and come to terms with his loss.  I enjoyed getting to know Joel a little better.  

To those who read the prequel and are judging the series by this, don't. The series is wonderful, full length, and I totally loved all three books in the series.  


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