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A Christmas Peril

A Christmas Peril 

The Teacup Novellas #5 

Kindle Edition

by Diane Moody

  • 148 pages
  • Publisher: OBT Bookz 
  • Publication Date: December 27, 2013

From bestselling author Diane MoodyA Christmas Peril has over 220 "Five star" reviews.

Lucy Alexander's Teacup Novellas were inspired by a collection of vintage teacups her Aunt Lucille bequeathed to her. She's excited about writing the next book in the series, a Christmas tale loosely based on her aunt and uncle's love story set in the 1940s. But when a hostage situation lands Lucy's boyfriend in the hospital, she sets her work aside to keep a bedside vigil with Mark. As the long hours of waiting stretch on, Lucy starts to read her beloved aunt's handwritten diary. Shocked to discover a frightening story so eerily similar to the one she's living, Lucy longs to find hope and encouragement in the pages of Lucille's diary.

December 1944 - "The most wonderful things seem to happen when you least expect them," writes Lucille Alexander after a serendipitous meeting with Gary Reynolds, a handsome lieutenant home on leave from the war in Europe. The two are inseparable in the five precious days he has left before heading back overseas just weeks before Christmas. On their last morning together, Lucille accompanies Gary to the train station, already dreading the long separation ahead. But that would be the least of her worries after her brave lieutenant rushes to help an elderly woman in distress.

Lucy finds a strange solace in her namesake's ink-stained journal. Though seventy years have passed between them, would their stories have the same ending?

My thoughts: This is the first book I read by Diane Moody, but it won't be the last. I loved this story. It was engaging with real life characters and well-written.   It ended with a happy sigh--what better way for a Christmas story to end?  The perfect mix of past and present, and easily read in a few hours. 5 stars. 

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