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Live Fearless: An Adult Coloring Book

Live Fearless by Margaret FeinbergLive Fearless: An Adult Coloring Book by Margaret Feinberg

What if?

Life is riddled with uncertainty. Perhaps that's why Jesus is so passionate in His command, "Do not fear." He challenges us to enter uncertainty with faith, the unknown with trust, the uncharted with hope.

Live Fearless provides an opportunity for you to pull away from the hustle and bustle of life to pray, journal, and unleash your creative gifts and rediscover the goodness and faithfulness of God no matter what you're facing.
  • Spend time in prayer, reflecting and growing in your relationship with God
  • Commit Bible passages to memory and deepen your faith
  • Share your fun artistry with others through what you create
Color and doodle and learn to live fearless as you craft God's Word into your heart.

My thoughts: LIVE FEARLESSLY is a great new coloring book, journal by this talented author. I really love this adult coloring book craze, and I sat down and colored a few flowers last night - it is stress-relieving! I love the verses on the pages. The pictures are detailed, encouraging creativity. The only thing I really didn't like is that the markers we have in our house soak right through the page, marking up the side for the journal entries. I'd use colored pencils I think, since markers soak through. I'm not sure whether paint would soak through or not. I don't have any on hand. 

Some of the pictures are really simplistic, and others are more complicated, so there is something for all tastes. I don't really like the paisley type designs, but the simple flowers I loved. There is one that reminds me of the wild violets in our yard, and another of the dogwood trees in bloom. They are my favorites. 

A great coloring book for anyone, teen to adult. Recommended for nursing homes, shut ins, care packages for someone in the hospital or in therapy, and for those who just need a quiet moment to reflect on a verse of God's word without a book, TV, or movie distracting them.  

Each picture does contain a verse to mediate on.  And plenty of lines to doodle, write your thoughts, prayer, or study on the opposite page. 4 stars. 

Live Fearless: An Adult Coloring Book 


March 29, 2016

by Margaret Feinberg

  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Clr Csm edition 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764218644

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