Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Story Behind Hope by Fay Lamb and #giveaway!!!

Today we welcome Fay Lamb to my blog. Fay is very graciously offering a copy of her new book HOPE to one reader. Please include contact information 

The Story Behind Hope

I once received some very wise advice from a publisher who had no idea that I had a story brewing in my mind about a woman with an illness. This wise person said, and I’m paraphrasing: “Don’t make the story all about the sickness. Share the journey with the readers, but give them something more than a story about someone recovering from disease.”

I pondered that sage wisdom for a couple of years as I worked here and there on the story while meeting other deadlines. As I typed away, I began to realize that the illness was developing as the main antagonist of the story.

Oops. What do you do with that?

You sit and you think about it—a lot. You allow questions to arise, and you try to answer them. My brain kept throwing one question at me? How do you defeat something that, while evil, isn’t conscious of evil? In The Ties that Bind series, Charisse’s villain, Delilah, sure knew what she was doing. And Hope, she was Libby’s antagonist. While she might not have understood the reasons for her actions toward Libby, she did recognize that her actions were horrible.

So here was Hope fighting for her life against a foe without a consciousness of its evil, and there I was trying to follow the encouragement I’d been given not to make cancer the focal point of the story.

That’s when I realized that Hope was her own worst enemy. Her lifestyle had changed. She was a new person, but she had hurt many people who loved her. She’d left death and sadness in her wake. The illness, while some would still call it an antagonist, for me, became that door of no return that authors read about and study—the door that the hero or heroine or both must step through because it leads to change. And thus, the cancer in Hope became that door for both her and the man she loved—the one who’d been such a victim of Hope’s past that he thought he could never love her again.

Hope is a story of a reluctant Christian who, until forced to face a possible demise, struggles to follow God’s direction. Adversity can weaken or strengthen a soul. With the eclectic family Hope has been thrust into, God doesn’t give her much of a chance to walk away from His will, and Hope’s journey as a woman who trusts in God also becomes a tale of redemption for the ones Hope most loves in the world.

Fay Lamb writes emotionally charged stories that remind the reader that God is always in the details. Three of the four books in the Amazing Grace romantic suspense series, are available: Stalking Willow, Better than Revenge, and Everybody’s Broken. Hope is the third book in The Ties that Bind Series, which also includes Charisse and Libby. Fay’s adventurous spirit has also taken her into the realm of non-fiction with The Art of Characterization: How to Use the Elements of Storytelling to Connect Readers to an Unforgettable Cast.
Future releases from Fay will be: Frozen Notes, Book 4 of the Amazing Grace series, and Delilah, Book 4 from The Ties that Bind.
Fay loves to meet readers, and you can find her on her personal Facebook page, her Facebook Author page, and at The Tactical Editor on Facebook and on Goodreads. She’s also active on Twitter. Then there are her blogs: On the Ledge, Inner Source, and the Tactical Editor.


Hope Astor is literally a starving artist, living off the good graces of her friends as she seeks help for the fatigue that has plagued her for over a month. Dr. Daniel Duvall is a noted oncological surgeon whose life hasn’t been the same since losing his sister in a car accident the year before.

When Hope receives her diagnosis, she understands that her carefree artist’s lifestyle has left her without any options to save her life, but her friends try to convince her otherwise. They persuade Hope to seek treatment from the best doctor she knows.

Trouble is, Hope is the reason Daniel’s sister is dead, and she doesn’t think saving her life is on his list of priorities.


Fay Lamb said...

Laura, thank you for allowing me to sgare with your reasers.

Kathleen Friesen said...

Hope sounds like a fantastic story, Fay! I would love a chance to read it. Great interview, both of you.

Onisha Ellis said...

A fascinating back story. As a reader, it sometimes takes me several days after finishing a book to sift through the story line to the real meat of it.

Fay Lamb said...

Thank you, Kathleen. I'm looking forward to upcoming interviews about your newest release.

Fay Lamb said...

Thank you, Onisha. I think we often write about the same local area since that's where we live. :-)

Andrea Woodard said...

doesn't sound like something I would normally read, but it does sound interesting. I think I would like to read it. Sounds like the type of book you can't put down.

lollipops said...

I adore the cover on this book. I would pick it up and look at it. Very appealing!

Fay Lamb said...

Thank you Andrea and lollipops. I worked hard at making the story about two individuals struggling with the same grief trying to fight through a difficult situation together.

Marilyn R. said...

Thank you for interivew with Fay Lamb. Hope sounds like a book that I'll enjoy reading. The word Hope bring so much to mind and with both individuals grieving God is the answer as the word hope inplies. The cover pulls me in. Thank you for the giveaway and would be blessed to win a copy of Hope.

U.N. Mama said...

I would love to read this book. As a cancer survivor myself and now dealing with another terminal illness, the word Hope has taken on new meaning.

Fay Lamb said...

Marilyn: Thank you so much for the kind comments. I believe Hope is a story of profound hope.

Fay Lamb said...

U.N. Mama: I'm so grateful that you are a cancer survivor, but I am saddened to learn that you are now suffering once again. Your kind words are exactly what I hoped to show when I wrote the story. I just stopped and prayed for you.

Ann Ellison said...

Was privileged to read an advance copy and it is a beautiful story. Please do not include me in the drawing and give someone else a chance to read it.

Unknown said...

What an awesome intro to the story!!!!! Can't wait to read it!

Neecykay said...

Your book sounds different from any I've read. Would love a chance to read it.

Lucy Reynolds said...

Thank you for the interview with Faye. Sounds very interesting. Blessings

lollipops said...

congratulaitons, Kathleen!