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Root Beer and Roadblocks by Susan M. Baganz

Root Beer & Roadblocks 

Orchard Hill #4 

Ebook, Paperback 

February 28, 2017

by Susan M Baganz

  • Print Length: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Prism Book Group
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943104895

When God strips away all your hopes and dreams
can you trust Him to give you something better?
Johnny Marshall's cancer is back . . . and so is the girl who broke his heart seven years ago. As Johnny struggles to find the will to live and fights his second round with the disease, he finds that hope comes in small packages with an energetic little boy named David.
Having bought in to her parents' narrow view of finding a man worthy of her, years ago, Katie abandoned the one man she'd ever loved. In all the years since, no one has ever compared to Johnny. Now as a single mom of a young boy, she wonders if their reunion right on time or is it too late for a future together?
My thoughts: ROOT BEER & ROADBLOCKS is a sweet contemporary romance. Johnny is a musician, not quite as hot as your favorite singer on K-Love but still hot enough to be invited to play for a pop star in Europe. Unfortunately, he didn't take time to pray and that gig went south fast, causing all kinds of repercussions that he didn't know how to handle. It caused a mess for a lot of people. Add to that the fact that he has a re-occurrence of cancer and Johnny is ready to surrender. His life, his job, everything. Nothing could make him want to fight. 

Enter Katie. She is Johnny's one true love, and her big mistake was also the biggest blessing of her life. Johnny's son, David. They already know and love each other, but neither knows they are related. Until Katie reveals the big news to make Johnny fight for his life.  And while this does goad Johnny into some half-hearted attempts, it still isn't the motivation he needs to beat the big C. 

As someone who had cancer and survived by the grace of God, I can get how a re occurrence can cause even a one-time survivor to flounder and fall. Johnny's attitude is true to life. Katie, too, has had one hit after another and now is care-giver to the two people most responsible for ripping her life apart all those years ago. Unfortunately, the mother is still verbally abusive and they are both stellar at keeping Katie defeated. 

It will take a miracle for these two hurting people to come to the expected, predictable (in that it's a romance) end. But then getting from "boy meet girl" to "I do" is all the fun. A fun contemporary that should appeal to romance readers everywhere. "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." 

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