Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why I Didn't Rebel - and #Giveaway!!!

 I am giving away a copy of Why I didn't Rebel. To enter, comment below and be sure to leave contact information. USA only. 

Why I Didn’t Rebel
Ages adult. Price $16.99
Nelson Books www.ThomasNelson.com

Why I Didn’t Rebel is a must have for adults who want to raise children who don’t rebel. This is available in paperback or in ebook form.

Why I Didn’t Rebel is from the viewpoint of a twenty-two year old woman who never rebelled. However, she explains that she was strong willed and did question her parents’ rules. What and who she didn’t rebel against was God. She also explains the importance of having some basic principles in place. They are:

Ø  Ditching a rules-based mentality and instead teaching moral reasoning.
Ø  Having true communication with each other that’s more than just prying for information or rattling off reminders for homework.
Ø  Learning how to have a friendship with their kids where they truly like each other as people and want to spend time together.
Ø  Letting teens make decisions on their own and, if they fail, allowing them to productively learn from those mistakes.
Ø  Using discipline to encourage good behaviors, instead of only stifling bad ones.
Ø  Teaching kids how to find their identity in God alone, not grades or social status or even what their parents think of them.

Lindenbach explains, “There are never any guarantees that your child won’t rebel, but to many people think it’s a guarantee that they will, so parents give up too easily.”

Reading Why I Didn’t Rebel and following it’s suggestions won’t guarantee that your kids won’t rebel, but it does offer tried and true recommendations based on dozens of interviews Lindenbach did.
Addressed with humor and sensitivity, Why I Didn’t Rebel relates advice that will help them navigate the traumatic teen years and know when to discuss the rules and revise them and when to stand firm and make sure they follow through with making sure their kids obey.

This book would be an excellent addition to a personal parenting library, libraries, homeschools, Christian schools, and church libraries. An invaluable guide to raising kids who don’t rebel. 


Marilyn R. said...

A book that will useful to parents with tweens and teenagers.

arletta said...

In an age when so many kids leave the church, this book sounds like required reading for every parent and mentor.

lollipops said...

giveaway closed.

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