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Interview With Rachel Dodge


Today we welcome Rachel Dodge to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Tell us about the book:


The Anne of Green Gables Devotional: A Chapter-by-Chapter Companion for Kindred Spirits
is a devotional book based L.M. Montgomery’s beloved classic novel. I designed it so that readers can enjoy a chapter of Anne of Green Gables and then read a corresponding chapter from the devotional. In each entry, I take an important moment from that chapter and analyze the lessons God has for us in it, adding Bible application, Scripture verses, personal reflection, and a sample prayer. Anne Shirley’s story of adoption and belonging provides many opportunities to encourage readers in their personal relationship with Jesus!


Why do you write the kind of books you do?


First, I love classic books like Anne of Green Gables, and I read and reread all my favorites for comfort and nostalgia, as do many of my kindred spirit friends. I began writing devotionals like this because I love to dig into the deeper meaning behind my favorite stories and find messages of faith woven in and through them. It’s great fun to look at the themes in classic books and notice how they relate back to our own lives. I think this kind of devotional book makes devotional time creative and engaging for readers—something women can look forward to each day.


What is your current work in progress?


I have a few other devotional books like this one in various stages of drafting, though there’s nothing official to report right now. I also have a middle grade fiction trilogy (about a mouse searching for her forever family) that I’d love to see in print one day.

What three things about you would surprise readers?


First, I love ice cream. I make my own homemade vanilla with raw ingredients and maple syrup every few weeks. Second, I’ve driven a tractor and milked a cow (and done a LOT of other farm-y things). Third, I love planning and organizing. Like Anne, I think “looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.”

What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?


Well, reading is a biggie for me, but I also love to walk my dog on the trails by my house, ride bikes with my kids, and watch British films and miniseries with my husband. I also spend time journaling each day. That’s where I organize my thoughts, write down my prayers, jot down Bible verses, and do my best brainstorming.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?


As a mom and writing teacher, finding time to write is difficult. I have to be extremely disciplined. My husband is incredibly supportive of my writing, so he is great at helping me find time to write after he gets home from work and on Saturdays. I draft most of my devotionals in a journal before sitting down at the computer, so I also bring my journal with me everywhere—just in case a great idea strikes when I’m out and about!


I can also get really stuck sometimes when the words “fight against me.” I’m a perfectionist, so until I get the meaning right, it bugs me! The best thing I’ve found is to walk away from the computer and do something else for a bit. Later on, when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry, the puzzle pieces finally start to click into place.


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Rachel Dodge is the author of The Anne of Green Gables Devotional: A Chapter-By-Chapter Companion for Kindred Spirits (November 1st) and Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen. Rachel teaches college English classes, gives talks at libraries, teas, and book clubs, and writes for Jane Austen's World blog, Jane Austen's Regency World magazine, and a variety of literary blogs. A true kindred spirit at heart, Rachel loves puffed sleeves, classic books, and historic homes and gardens.


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