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High Stakes Deception (Vanishing Ranch #6) #romanticsuspense

High Stakes Deception 

(Vanishing Ranch)

November 15, 2022

Former Texas Ranger and rodeo champion Ainsley Tatum will do whatever is necessary to figure out the truth surrounding her brother’s death in a terrorist bombing fifteen years ago. When her boss at Vanishing Ranch hands her the opportunity to find answers, Ainsley is all in—except for one caveat.

In order to discover the truth without raising suspicions, Ainsley has to go undercover, pretending to be newly married to the man who once broke her heart.

Carter Winslow knows his father’s fatal car crash was no accident. When he agrees to work with Vanishing Ranch to find answers, he never imagines what’s in store for him. Pretending to be married might not be so bad . . . if his fake bride didn’t despise him.

With thousands of lives potentially on the line, Ainsley and Carter must find a way to get past their differences and pull off the biggest charade of their lives. But when the deception around them deepens, the stakes grow higher and more dangerous than either could have imagined.

My thoughts:  HIGH STAKES DECEPTION is book #6 in the Vanishing Ranch series but it easily stands alone, Carter and Ainsley are former lovers but their romance died and they went their separate ways. Now in order to protect Carter they must pretend to be newlyweds. But a former stalker apparently reappears, so who is protecting who?  This book will keep you guessing and keep you reading as the stakes and the danger keeps raising higher.  Will Ainsley and Carter survive this encounter? Who is the real target?  Ms. Barritt has a writing style that makes her books quick reads, You won't be able to read this book fast enough. I was given a copy free and all opinions are my own.

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