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Her Amish Patchwork Family (Hope's Haven, 3)


Her Amish Patchwork Family

 (Hope's Haven, 3) 

September 6, 2023

In this heartwarming Amish romance, a former schoolteacher and a single father discover a second chance at friendship, family, and love--perfect for fans of Laura V. Hilton and Marta Perry.

Former Hope's Haven schoolteacher, Martha Eicher, has always been the responsible one, putting her family first and caring for her widowed father and two younger sisters. But now they're all happily married, and Martha isn't sure where she fits in anymore . . . until she hears that Asher Lantz needs a nanny. Even though her childhood friendship with Asher ended abruptly years ago, when a misunderstanding drove a wedge between them, Martha offers her assistance.

Asher is also feeling adrift. As a single father to his niece and nephews, he struggles to balance his new family responsibilities with those on the farm and in his workshop. He's grateful for Martha's help, but worries things will always feel awkward with her. Yet before long, Asher realizes Martha is exactly what his family needs, and he can't imagine his home without her. Martha and Asher thought they were lost, but could they be right where they belong . . . together?

My thoughts: HER AMISH PATCHWORK FAMILY  is the perfect title for this patchwork family.  Martha is very much like her biblical namesake and both she and Asher are fixated on the past, but despite that they develop a tentative friendship of sorts.  This is another love comes softly type story where the characters don't even seem to realize they are friends, let alone that they are in love.  The four children and the grandmother are sweet additions to the story, and even though I wanted to knock a few heads together, I couldn't help but root for Asher and Martha.  If you like sweet, clean romances you will love HER AMISH PATCHWORK FAMILY. Make sure you grab a copy for yourself and a friend. This is book you'll want to read.  I was given a copy free and all opinions are my own.

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