Sunday, July 19, 2009

Engaging Father Christmas

Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Publisher: Faith Words
ISBN: 978-0-446-17946-1
Genre: Inspirational/Christmas/contemporary

Miranda Carson has just returned to England to spend Christmas with her Scottish boyfriend, Ian, and his family, who manages a tea shop in a small town in the English country-side. But Ian is running late meeting Miranda at the airport, and the first person Miranda sees is her former boyfriend, Josh. After a few minutes spent catching up, Josh goes his way, and Ian arrives, whisking Miranda off to…the hospital, where his dad had just been admitted with a heart attack.

While visiting with Ian’s mother in the tea shop, Miranda’s deceased father’s wife shows up, and Miranda spends a few minutes talking with her, hoping that the family matriarch will make her welcome. But Margaret is as cold and stand-offish as ever, making Miranda wonder if she will ever truly be welcomed as her father’s daughter, a member of the family. Still, her brother Edward does extend some effort, and Miranda loves Edward’s two children, Julia and Mark.

But, as Miranda searches for love and acceptance, a family to belong to, she finds some more in the arms of Father Christmas.

In this long awaited sequel to Finding Father Christmas we see Miranda returning to England. I enjoyed the way this novella played out, revising the charming people and country I encountered in the first book and getting to know the characters in a slightly deeper level. Miranda has changed a lot in the two books, becoming more open to love, and not as skittish. I enjoyed seeing her transformation.

Don’t miss this charming Christmas novella, and even though I read the book in July, that doesn’t mean you have to! Christmas will be coming very soon, and this will be a book to look for when they start stocking Christmas novellas in November. If you pick up Finding Father Christmas and ENGAGING FATHER CHRISTMAS the dual will make a charming gift for someone, especially if you include a pack of their favorite English tea. $13.99, hardcover. 159 pages.

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