Monday, August 3, 2009

Dangerous Devotionals for Guys

Author: Tim Shoemaker
Publisher: Group
ISBN: 978-0-7644-3734-2
Genre: Inspirational/devotionals

From the back cover… Our lawyers told us not to publish this one.
So we blew them up.

Okay, so they didn’t really, but with some of these devotionals they could have! DANGEROUS DEVOTIONALS FOR GUYS is a unique approach that will work as devotionals for groups of guys. It is designed with a leader in mind, complete with prep work, and then a step-by-step guide for teaching the guys what they should have learned from the experiment or hands-on activity.

DANGEROUS DEVOTIONALS FOR GUYS is not designed for use as a devotional for a single, lone guy to use all by his lonesome. This is definitely a guide for groups, and I think some of the activities (not all) will work for mixed groups of guys and gals.

Step-by-step instructions are included for activities for things such as: making pumpkins puke, navigating minefields of rat traps (blindfolded), a fire and squirt guns, canoes, and other fun activities.

Youth group leaders, teen Sunday School teachers, or other leaders of youth events will not want to miss DANGEROUS DEVOTIONALS FOR GUYS. This is a great book that will be sure to not only capture and hold the attention of a teen guy, but it will drive home the spiritual truth or life lesson that is intended in a way that the guy will never forget. The book also includes a section called E-Mail Reminder to send the guy about three days after the lesson to remind them of what they learned (just in case something causes loss of brain activity…)

If you work with teens at all, you cannot miss DANGEROUS DEVOTIONALS FOR GUYS. Photos, and Conversions and Equivalent Charts are included at the end of the book. 143 pages.

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