Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inside Story

Author: Susan Page Davis
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2474-0
Genre: Inspirational/suspense

Prize-winning journalist, Claudia Gillette is a globe trotter. Working for her high-profile magazine, she prides herself on her cool independence, her ability to set her own schedule, and always beating the deadline.

Even though Claudia has been warned to leave the female special ops agent, Heidi Taber alone, Claudia is determined to get an interview with her. After all, Heidi represents another rung on her ladder of career success.

Lieutenant Bill White is fascinated by Claudia, but he is trying not to be too encouraging. After all, Claudia is not a Christian. But when Claudia shows up in the middle of the Philippine jungle, Bill is not thrilled. He is angry. Claudia could jeopardize the entire mission. One that has been in top-secret plans for months.

And now Claudia finds herself in the midst of a war situation. Claudia must some how find the strength to live through the nightmare – or lose her life trying.

INSIDE STORY is the third story in Ms. Davis’ military series. Frasier Island is the first book, followed by Finding Marie. The books all stand alone, but previous characters are revisited.

I enjoyed reading INSIDE STORY and travelling the globe with Claudia and Bill. From the jungles of Africa, to the island of Japan, both coasts of the United States, Peru to the Philippines, the setting is so well described it is almost as if I were there. I could even smell the fear of the camera man as an angry silver-back gorilla charged Claudia and her crew.

I highly recommend INSIDE STORY and all of Susan Page Davis’ books. They will not disappoint. $13.99. 346 pages.

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