Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Katie's Redemption / The Cinderella List

Two Love Inspired romances for your consideration/

Author: Patricia Davids
Publisher: Steeple Hill Books
March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-87583-2
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance/Amish

Katie Lantz ran away from home with her English boyfriend, but when her boyfriend ups and leaves her, claiming she’s backward and trying to force her into marriage, Katie has no place to go, but back home. Nine months pregnant, she takes a bus to her brother’s house, prepared to do and say whatever is necessary to find a home.

Elam Sutter and his family moved to Ohio to find cheap farmland, and to get away from the rumors surrounding their family back in Pennsylvania. Elam is stunned when a young very pregnant English woman stands on his front porch, looking for her brother. Her brother had moved to Kansas. When Katie goes into labor upon hearing the news Elam’s mother offers shelter, against Elam’s better judgment.

Katie is determined to leave as soon as she is well enough, but when her brother refuses to take her in, she doesn’t know what to do. What will it take for Katie to find the family and love she’s always longed for.

KATIE’S REDEMPTION is the first book I read by this author. I really didn’t have to review it, but since I have a slot and I took the time to read it I might as well.  The story does start out a bit slow, but it does pick up as it continues.

Katie is struggling with who she is and where she belongs. She never really fit into the Amish world, and her brother who raised her was very cruel, blaming her for losing his home and the rest of his family. So, it was understandable that she took the opportunity to leave home when she got it. But it was also understandable that with no place to go, home would be the first place she thought of. If you are looking for a shorter Amish story which is pure romance, then KATIE’S REDEMPTION might be the book for you. The author’s letter suggests that she has several other Amish themed books coming soon from Love Inspired. Discussion questions are available at the back of the book. Available from or from $5.50. 214 pages.

Author: Judy Baer
Publisher: Steeple Hill
April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-87594-8
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Ever since she was a child, Marlo Mayfield has kept a list of traits her dream man would possess. But she never expected to actually meet a man who came anywhere near her list of expectations. So, after a series of bad relationships, Marlo is surprised to have her dream man walk into the kitchen at a party she’s catering.

Jake Hammond is an architect, and his hobby is breeding purebred horses. He has a dream of starting a riding program for developmentally challenged children, but his father is against it. Jake intends to do what he wants, and he senses that Marlo would be the perfect volunteer. Marlo has always loved horses, and is quick to agree.

However, Jake has this beautiful, super wealthy, and spoiled girlfriend who is quick to warn Marlo away. Not only that, but after Marlo’s boyfriend cheated on her, she was determined to not be “the other woman” to any man. But Jake is determined to show Marlo that he might be the one…

THE CINDERELLA LIST is a really cute story. I have read all of Ms. Baer’s “adult” stories, and loved them. When I saw her name, I looked to see if this might be a “Steeple Hill Café” story, which is more chick-lit in flavor (and which I love) and was disappointed that it wasn’t. However I couldn’t help but fall in love with Marlo. She is quirky, kind, intelligent, and has this creative way of thinking that is so endearing.

Jake is kind, handsome, and considerate… on and on with whatever traits might have been on your “Cinderella List” as a child. He is practically perfect in every way, except in understanding exactly how a woman might feel about being pursued by a man who has a woman already on his arm. Some might call him a cad, but I think he was just clueless, and I really enjoyed getting to know him too.

THE CINDERELLA LIST is adorable, and I highly recommend this story. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book. $5.50. 216 pages.

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