Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Know Who I Am?

Author: Angela Thomas
Publisher: Howard Books
October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6070-1
Genre: Inspirational/Christian living

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? is a book where Ms. Thomas started out asking God if He knows her and loves her—but it turned in a whole lot more. In each chapter she identifies a problem that women everywhere can recognize, such as “I am invisible”, “I am worn out”, “I am undisciplined”, “I am ordinary”, etc. Ms. Thomas asks God each question, and through His word, and thoughts, Ms. Thomas answers the questions, as if God says, “Yes, I know your heart and how you struggle. Do you know who I am?” and she shows us through this book how God is the answer.

Ms. Thomas says in the introduction of this book that this book is one that God laid on her heart and she struggled against it for a long while before she finally gave in. Asking God “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” sounds so boastful, not something you’d ask God. But when she finally gave in to the Lord’s prompting, He took this book to a level that she didn’t anticipate.

I’m glad Ms. Thomas sat down to write this book because it is a book that women everywhere can use. We all struggle with some of the issues included in this book. “I am worn out” for instance—and when I go to this chapter, I am reminded that “He doesn’t grow weary” along with many other biblical truths.

If you have questions and want answers, then this book is one to consider. It is not set up as a devotional, but it could be used as one with your Bible by your side as well as a notebook and pen to write your thoughts and observations. The chapters aren’t overly long, more like four or five pages (more or less) so it won’t take long out of your day. $14.99. 240 pages.

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