Monday, January 3, 2011

The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50 Something Woman

Author: Sharon V. King, PhD
Publisher: Healthy Life Press
June 2010
ISBN: 9781453661185
Genre: Inspirational/Christian living

Happy birthday! You’ve reached 50! Or you soon will. Maybe it’s time you sit back and visit with Dr. Sharon King as she discusses your spiritual fitness with you.

Just as visits with your medical doctor are important, visits with the Lord about your spiritual condition is important.

In THE SPIRITUAL FITNESS CHECKUP FOR THE 50 SOMETHING WOMAN, Dr. King talks about many different topics from your spiritual stamina, your meditation (or prayer) time, your self-image, your sexuality, and even about relaxation.

I’m not 50 yet and won’t be for awhile, so there are some things in this book I didn’t quite relate to. I don’t have grandkids, instead I have teenagers, so there were some concessions I made as I read this. But even so, I enjoyed working through the checklists and thinking about how I would compare.

This book really isn’t a devotional, but I used it as one. It starts out like a doctor visit, as they talked about taking your pulse, getting your weight, etc., then it moves on to the spiritual portion with a verse, things to consider and questions to answer. This would be excellent for a small group study and should generate lots of discussion.

If you or someone you know is turning 50, then THE SPIRITUAL FITNESS CHECKUP FOR THE 50 SOMETHING WOMAN is a book to consider. It isn’t very thick and it is short enough that it’s an easy read. But it packs a lot of value. $8.95. 64 pages.

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SVK said...

Hi, Laura. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review my book. I appreciate your comments, and it helped me to know the book can be relevant for the "under-50" woman too. May God bless you to reach 50 and way beyond!

Sharon King