Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why

Author: Kristin Billerbeck
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
February 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59554-791-0
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Katie McKenna has given up on love. So she plans to marry a practical man, leave all her worldly desires behind, and live a quiet life. Since moving to California she gave up her ministry to give hope to the hopeless, takes a job as a special education teacher, and the most excitement she has is when one of her students spits sweet potatoes in her face.

Luc DeForges bought Katie’s daddy’s business years earlier—and made it an overwhelming success, something with Katie has never quite forgiven him for. Not only that, but he publicly humiliated her by refusing her proposal of marriage at his graduation from college. So when Luc waltzes into her life demanding that she sing at his brother’s wedding and buys her way home, Katie isn’t quite sure what to think.

Her fiancĂ© seems to be okay with it though, so Katie flies off in Luc’s private jet—but going home isn’t at all what Katie thought it would be like. What if God doesn’t want Katie to settle, but to experience life to its fullest?

A BILLION REASONS WHY is a book by Ms. Billerbeck that I looked forward to reading since I heard about the idea being contracted. I’ve long been a fan of her writing and have enjoyed all her books so far. While A BILLION REASONS WHY lived up to my expectations, it seemed a bit flatter than some of her previous books.

Katie is a free-spirit, in love with the 40’s, swing dancing and waltzes, the sound and the floaty dresses. Luc is the man she loved forever, the one who broke her heart into a billion pieces, leaving her to put it together the best she can and date someone “safe.” But safe isn’t love, and Katie has to discover that for herself. I did enjoy A BILLION REASONS WHY but it didn’t leave me completely satisfied. Discussion questions and an interview with Kristin Billerbeck are included at the end. $14.99. 320 pages.

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