Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Andi's Lonely Little Foal / Andi's Circle C Christmas

Author: Susan K. Marlow
Illustrator: Leslie Gammelgaard
August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8254-4185-1
Genre: Inspirational/children’s chapter book

Andi is looking forward to playing with her foal, Taffy, on Saturday, but then her brother, Chad, says he needs her help. Andi is not happy, until she finds out that Chad needs her to babysit Taffy while he begins to wean the foal from her mother. Andi is upset about it, because Taffy is still young, but everyone took her brother’s side.

Andi is happy to be babysitting Taffy, but only because it meant her only chore was to play with her horse. But she isn’t so sure about keeping Taffy away from her mother. Taffy cried and tried to get to her mother. And that made Andi sad.

But then a bully, Johnny, tells Andi that weaning can kill a horse. Either that or they can get badly hurt. Andi doesn’t want that to happen to Taffy! But how can she keep her little horse safe and happy?

ANDI’S LONELY LITTLE FOAL is the fifth book in Ms. Marlow’s Circle C Beginnings series, but it easily stands alone. Beginning readers will love Andi and her horse Taffy and learn important lessons about different things as they read.

Written in short easy chapters, these books give beginning readers the encouragement to know that they can read a whole book. A glossary is included to help teach words that might be unfamiliar, as well as a brief history lesson.

I enjoy reading these little chapter books and my girls (ages six and nine) want me to hurry and read them so they can read them. My nine-year-old actually swiped one of the books before I read it, she was in such a hurry. She loves all the Andi books, even the older ones. If you go to the website, you can find coloring pages and more.

My nine-year-old says: These books are funny and adventerous. I absolutely love them. They are fun to read. $4.99. 85 pages.


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