Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hope Underground

Author: Carlos Parra Diaz
Publisher: Imago Dei Books
September 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9869799-5-8
Genre: Inspirational/faith/miracles

HOPE UNDERGROUND is the true story of the thirty-three miners caught in a mine in Chili when it collapsed. Most of the whole world was spellbound, watching the television for news of these men, praying for them, and hoping that they’d be found alive. I say most, because some (like me) don’t have a television, but even I checked online occasionally to see if they’d been found, and after they had been, anxiously waiting for news of the rescue.

Carlos Parra Diaz is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor and one of the original fifteen pastors called up to the camp to minister to the miner’s families. After that, and following the guidance of the Lord, Carlos Parra Diaz miraculously supplied seven centimeter Bibles small enough to go down into the mine.

In the center of the book are pictures taken of Carlos Parra Diaz, the families, mayors, miners and others.

HOPE UNDERGROUND is a truly amazing story, one that those who prayed for the miners and workers will want to read to get one persons perspective of the miracles that were worked in the lives of the miners, families, and workers. $14.99. 191 pages.

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