Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beyond the Storm

Author: Carolyn Zane
Publisher: Abingdon Press
October 2012
ISBN: 978-1426745973
Genre: Women’s fiction

When tragedy strikes a community, lives—and hearts—are changed forever.

Hairdresser, Abigail Durham has bitten off more than she can chew. Trying to run her hair styling business, and manage the booster club at the school, on top of staying out too late at a club laughing and dancing with friends, she’s beyond tired and more than a bit cranky. When she gets a call that the booth needed for some booster club sale has problems, she’s more than a little furious.

Justin Girad is relatively new in town. He volunteered his time to build the boost club booth, but hadn’t bargained on an angry woman who won’t listen when he tries to explain city ordinances and permits needed on the booth design she wants.

When a tornado warning is posted – the town has some complicity. How many storms have been warned and never materialized. The devastation and damage are extensive. So are the deaths and injuries. What kind of God would allow such tragedy?  Will the pain give way to the courage to love?

BEYOND THE STORM is the first book I’ve read by Carolyn Zane. It is written in three parts. Part one: The Edge of the Storm. Part two: The Eye of the Storm, and Part three: Beyond the Storm.

The first part is working up to the storm, the day to day life, going on as normal. Everyone in this small town knows everyone and their business, and there’s several different stories going on all at once. Jen’s baby is due in the next two weeks, Kaylee is getting married in seven days, Brooke is going to prom, Heather is unhappy in her forced teenage marriage, etc. The second part tells the story of when the storms hit. And the third part—I cried.

If you like books that will make you laugh, then really, BEYOND THE STORM is not that book. It is serious, warning about the danger of tornadoes that really need to be taken seriously. And it is super sad. If you like books that make you cry, then yes, you do need to read this book. Ms. Zane will take your emotions and leave you to hang them out to dry. Very well written with characters that you will absolutely love. $12.99. 272 pages. 

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